About iScale


iScale recently partnered with Girl Hub Rwanda, a joint initiative of Nike Foundation and the UK Department for International Development to identify key channels of political influence, including key political power brokers in Rwanda, in order to advance the wellbeing of Rwandan girls. Employing a drivers of change methodology complemented with social network as well as gender and social exclusion analyses, iScale identified key political, economic, and social factors critical to the advancement of Rwandan girls. This work will support Girl Hub Rwanda to further enhance its strategies by increasing understanding of and better leveraging its own comparative strengths. It will also aid Girl Hub Rwanda in continuing to build upon programs that fill key gaps in work and which are focused on addressing long-term and systemic factors in order to enable Rwandan girls to realize their full potential. For more information about this work, contact us at community@scalingimpact.net.

iScale partners with leading public, private and nonprofit institutions to develop and harness innovations to advance global progress in five programmatic areas:

  • Peace + Security
  • Governance + Transparency
  • Environment + Climate
  • Health + Education + Livelihoods
  • Business + Markets