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Genocide Prevention Advisory Network

The Genocide Prevention Advisory Network is an informal, international network of experts on the causes, consequences, and prevention of genocide and other mass atrocities.

Negotiating Peace and Confronting Corruption: Challenges for Post-Conflict Societies

Author Bertram I. Spector argues that peace and economic recovery in countries emerging from violent conflict are more likely and more durable when good governance reforms and corruption controls are included in negotiations ending the conflict.

Peacebuilding, Statebuilding and Situations of Fragility: Report on the Civil Society Dialogue Network

A dialogue on peacebuilding issues between civil society and EU institutions.


Funders, Implementers, and the Challenge of Effective Evaluation

06/16/11 -- 1:00 PM - - 2:00 PM

Peacebuilding organizations are under increasing external pressure to demonstrate the impact of their programming. From within the field as well, there is a growing desire to develop effective evaluation systems that can create accountability to funders and to the beneficiaries of peacebuilding initiatives. A USIP event and webcast.

Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities

Speech by Jonathan Prentice, Senior Policy Adviser at the International Crisis Group. Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles to Preventive Action: From Early Warning to Policy Options to Response, Seminar hosted by the Hungarian Presidency of the European Union. Thursday, 12 May 2011, Brussels.

Social media matters - but is it the golden ticket to development progress?

The role of social media has been placed at the heart of analysis of social change, but we should take care not to see it as the golden ticket to political or developmental progress.

Youth Diaspora Voices: Leaders of Today

05/19/11 -- 9:00 AM - 05/29/11 -- 10:30 AM

A film screening and discussion on encouraging youth engagement in peacebuilding. (Washington, D.C.)

The Rise and Fall of International Human Rights

Lecture by Louise Arbour, President & CEO of the International Crisis Group, on the occasion of the Sir Joseph Hotung International Human Rights Lecture 2011, at the British Museum, 27 April 2011.

Internet Freedom: Promoting Human Rights in the Digital Age - A Panel Discussion

A conversation about the potential of the Internet and other digital communication technology as mediums for exercising the fundamental freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly, and association.

Human Rights in the Obama Administration

Remarks by Maria Otero, Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs, US Department of State, on promoting human rights around the world.