Theory of Change and Strategy Development

Webinar on Theories of Change and Outcome Mapping to Enhance Planning and M&E for International Advocacy

Innovations for Scaling Impact (iScale) and the Center for Evaluation Innovation, co-hosts of the International Advocacy Evaluation Community of Practice (IAE-CoP), are pleased to present the first in a series of original webinars that explores evaluation approaches and tools that contribute to the improved effectiveness of international advocacy efforts.

International Advocacy Evaluation Community of Practice’s Webinar on Theories of Change and Outcome Mapping to Plan for International Advocacy

06/06/12 -- 4:00 PM - - 6:30 PM

Innovations for Scaling Impact (iScale) and the Center for Evaluation Innovation are hosting a webinar on using theory of change, theories of action, and outcome mapping as a means of integrating planning and strategy with monitoring and evaluating international advocacy efforts: Theories of Change and Outcome Mapping to Plan for International Advocacy.

Citizen voice and state accountability: towards theories of change that embrace contextual dynamics

This project briefing from ODI uses a critical analysis of citizen voice and accountability cases from the Mwananchi Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF) programme to examine how citizen voice and accountability happens in different governance contexts

What’s in a brand? – The evolving relationship of the nonprofit sector to branding

Elisa Peter discusses the merits of branding in the not-for-profit world. Organizations believe that a brand is not only a tool to enhance their fundraising and visibility but also a way to drive their mission and impact more broadly.

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations Conference: What have you learned, Dorothy?

The practice of learning, alongside evaluation, is less clear, according to Peter Laugharn. With that in mind, he sets out six queries that might help foundations orient, anchor, and structure their learning, and better use its fruits.

Defining Theories of Change

This report focuses on how theories of change can improve the effectiveness of peacebuilding interventions.

Strengthening World Vision policy advocacy - a guide to developing advocacy strategies

This "how to guide" was specifically developed by the RAPID programme at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) for use by the staff in World Vision’s National Offices. It is intended as a reference guide for those who want to develop an advocacy plan.

Living Into Your Strategic Plan: A Guide to Implementation That Gets Results

Writing a strategic plan is only the first step towards achieving impact year after year. The next step is implementation, and often, that is where organizations stumble. Paper by Bridgespan.

Taking responsibility for complexity: how implementation can achieve results in the face of complex problems

This paper sets out the central reasons why complex problems are challenging for traditional approaches to policy and program implementation, and gives readers the tools to decide in what way the challenges they face are complex.

Creating Shared Value: A How-to Guide for the New Corporate (R)evolution

This FSG report identifies ten key building blocks that together form a blueprint for translating Creating Shared Value into action, and explores how companies can get started on that process.