iScale invites committed individuals and organizations worldwide to join us in developing, implementing and promoting innovations to scale impact.

How do we scale impact and simultaneously learn and generate new knowledge that we use? For almost everyone this is something that happens every day...even if we don't often think of our daily life that way. Action learning, at its essence, is bringing more discipline into this part of our daily lives.

Action learning begins with a question - How do I...? When should...? What is the best way to...? Where can...? Why is...? How many...? The question then develops into an explicit process with a specific strategy and defined tools and methods. Tying all these together is one or more persons who fill the roles of researcher and practitioner (doer). Action learning is a process where knowledge is developed in such a way that it is embedded and owned by both those who are asking the questions and those affected by the answers. The traditional division between an expert teacher or researcher, and learner or research subject is replaced by a blending of the roles.

The benefits of this type of an action learning strategy are enormous. Since it supports the way people really learn, the quality of learning is high. The skills are built in the participating organizations through real-life application. Therefore the gap between "theory" and "practice" disappears. Yet, participating organizations access the expertise of outsiders on the project team. In the iScale action learning approach, the knowledge that is produced is freely shared with others. Therefore, participants know they are producing a public good and providing on-going support for the next stage of knowledge development.